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2019 Bridal Bouquet Trends

So many choices for wedding bouquets, from flowers to style! We thought we would help by showcasing the popular trends in bridal bouquets for 2019. Minimalism ~This year minimalism is taking over, think single stems with a few pieces of greenery or smaller posy size bouquets with a bigger impact. One trend we are super excited about at aFloral Concept is the Tropical look, so when we heard that for 2019 bridal bouquets will be trending towards lush tropical leaves paired with bright colors we were overjoyed. Monochromatic bouquets ~ will also be a thing in 2019. These bouquets will be dramatic and demand attention with bold single colors in unexpected styles, such as all hot pink Phalaenopsis orchids in cascading layers. While some of these bouquet trends seem daring and exotic, their will also be trends that embrace Tradition. While arrangements in the past seemed to consist of wild arrangements, these will lend more to the classic traditional look, with smaller more controlled greenery. However, trends also point towards more greens and foilage with bits overflowing, so their is more of a Refined Boho look in 2019 bridal bouquets as well.

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