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April Showers & oh those Flowers!

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Quite honestly I'm happy to leave March 2020 behind with the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak and all the sadness that it's destruction has left. We are still not out of the woods and have some more months to go and then praying it will be contained or a cure will be discovered to combat it.

So we begin this month with a refreshed outlook and spirit. The April showers bringing us brighter blooms of May flowers. There are many trends to look for in the Spring, here are top 5. With many couples going organic, going green and promoting more of a natural look.

1. Neutrals with warmer and softer tones and relating to nature offering a oxygenating fresh look to bouquets.

2.While some are opting for the more natural look, some are going for the opposite look and choosing a bold vibrant look inspired by the 70's. These bouquets tend to have bright loud combinations in deep purples, bright yellows, oranges, and magentas.

3. Brides in 2020 are looking for functionality with flowers, and those that offer added health benefits are going to be prized over others, such as plants that purify the air or other health related ecological ideas for guest gifts or decorating.

4. Simplicity will be a major theme among 2020 brides, centerpieces that are simple such as a few blooms in a bud vase. Bouquets that are minimal, will be at the forefront of trends in 2020.

5. Flowers that have powerful fragrances, such as lavender, freesia, sweetpeas, and lilacs will take center stage evoking memories and taking on a garden look.

So now we are looking to brighter skies and in the meantime, enjoying solitude in these few months in the fresh outdoors, planting our cutting gardens and looking forward towards the future.

We wish all our employees, families, friends and customers wonderful tranquility in the outdoors as we all continue our "social distancing" to create a safe healthy world.

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