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Art In Bloom

This year I had the honor of participating again in the always amazing Art In Bloom. It is an event that is hosted by the Grand Rapids Art Museum. It takes place every two years, and each florist that participates is randomly assigned a painting to interpret. This year I received the painting "Cascade" by Alex Rockman to create floral that was symbolic of the art piece. This was my interpretation of the piece, these are my words;

"A vase was chosen that embodies a natural landscape, which is symbolic of this painting. As you move through the landscape, of past, present and future, you discover the majority of floral materials are from plants that are found in Michigan. The arrangement's story begins with the frozen tundra of the "Great Ice Age," and in a swirling movement of white florals, give way to our present land of growth and life with trees, birds, mammals and fish-Pine tree branches and greens. The clear vase, shows the water, accented with blue delphinium, and the fish dotted and reflected with silver dollar branches. The feathers sweep into the future, the destruction with a dried tree branch, and all dried materials, flowers no longer alive. Interpreted through the floral, the importance of protecting our Great Lakes for future generations."

I’ve enjoyed participating in Art in Bloom 2021 at the Grand Rapids Art Museum The exhibit on this Artist was an awe inspiring message of protecting our Great Lakes. I’m happy that I randomly got assigned to this amazing artist and his message to the world.

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