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Deck the Halls with Flowers

The air outside is crisp, and cool, there is no snow on the ground which is unusual for Michigan at this time of year in December, but I'm ok with it. As I reflect on this year, I think of how difficult it has been for humanity as we go through a global pandemic together. It has been a year marked with sadness as many people have lost someone near to them from Covid. It has been a year of struggle for many small businesses, but I try to look at the positive in such a trying year and many good things come to light.

This year for Afloral has been marked by many phone consultations/ zoom meetings with wedding couples for 2021. It has been wonderful to meet so many couples virtually and from a distance, in light of everything that has been going on with social distancing. They have shared so many creative, and beautiful ideas that I can hardly wait until the next year as each one of their dates approach. With social distancing and festivities put on hold, it has been a year of beautiful bouquets being sent to loved ones with messages of hope and cheer.

I leave this blog, with a photo taken from the end of 2019, when we did a stylized shoot in Provin Trails. It was a memorable shoot, Cassandra & Cory were beautiful talented models who helped us capture the wintry vibe of a wedding in the woods with Afloral. So to all of humanity, we wish everyone heartfelt wishes of good health and happiness.

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