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Ending the Year

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

So with the end of the Year, comes the flood of memories. One memory in particular stands out, and that was towards the end of the Year, a beautiful photo shoot that Afloral was invited by KJ Events to participate in. It was wonderful to be able to network with others in the Wedding Industry, from Event Wedding Coordinators KJ Events~Jacqui , Syd Marie Photo~ photographer, make-up artists~Eva Artistry, Grand Rapids Chiavari Co.~rental companies, the Cake Girl, to name a few. The photo shoot took place in Provin Trails, North East side of Grand Rapids, MI. It featured the lovely model Cassandra and Cory, a newly married couple, which was obvious as they photographed so well with their loving looks and chemistry for one another. Even though the shoot took place in the month of December, when winter is supposed to be in full swing, the ground lay empty of snow, and was actually a rather mild day. Which quite honestly, was a relief to take a break from the bitter cold that usually grips the state. The bouquet that was created by us for the Wedding shoot, was a predominately white bouquet that was peppered with pops of red and enveloped in a sea of assorted ferns and greenary. I wanted it to make an impact, so we decided on the white King Protea as our show stopper, and used vivid red ranunculus, white hypericum berries, and a deeper spray rose, hanging Amaranthus, the soft white of the Tibet roses, and reaching tall lines of the Lisianthus completed the look. KJ Events is looking at getting some of the pictures from the styled shoot featured in a Wedding Magazine. I look back on 2019 thankful that I was asked to be part of this.

Photo of Cassandra by Syd Marie Photo @

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