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"Living Coral"

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Looking at trends for the year that inspire future brides. I always look to the pantone color of the year. This year in 2019 it is "Living Coral," a fresh vibrant color that energizes and revitalizes, and is an optimistic and spirited choice. It is a color that seems to remind us of the beauty and fragile marine ecosystems in our oceans. It is a warm coral toned hue that stresses the importance of minimizing your carbon footprint, which we are all about here at Afloral. We do our part by recycling, buying from local farmers, and supporting those that promote eco-friendly pesticides. If you are a future bride and looking to incorporate this warm energetic color into your wedding, we've come up with some floral inspiration for this wonderful shade! Peonies are already a bridal favorite, but combine them with the coral hue and they take center stage, coral sunset is one of are our favorites! Add in Passion Fruit Coral Ranunculus which go beautifully with peonies and you are on your way to a stunning coral accented bouquet. If you are looking for an exotic look, then an orange-coral colored pin-cushion can add a dramatic note to your wedding flowers. These are just a few examples of coral, as their are many coral colored roses as well, such as coral reef, which I have the pleasure of designing with this May for a greenhouse wedding.

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