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Pretty Peonies

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Nothing is more romantic in my opinion in a garden bouquet then the pretty peony. The flower that is very popular in the Wedding world and sought after by many brides. They are grown in a variety of shades and colors, from pinks, mauve's, burgundy's, reds and corals to name a few. They have a relatively long vase life of 7 days making them the perfect flower for your wedding bouquet, however, like all good things, they do have a downfall...availability. Peonies are grown in fields and unlike certain flowers that grown in controlled greenhouses, peonies are at the mercy of the elements. So when are Peonies available you may ask? Planning a winter wedding? want peonies? Well most think of peonies as a summer flower but no worries, they are a little more costly in the winter months but they can still be imported from South America from December, January and February. During the month of March and April Peonies are available but from Israel farms, where the bloom size is about the size of a marble and the stems are thinner, not too mention they are quite pricey during this time. Therefore, if you are getting married during this time and want peonies its probably best to try a substitute such as a garden rose. May and June are the top months for Peonies in the United States, as July heats up, early July Peony season starts to come to a close. During the end of summer they are scarce unless you plan on ordering from Alaska which of course will make them more costly. The months of September, October, and November are when peonies are unavailable in the United States. So if you want peonies in your fall wedding its best to get some faux flowers, or garden roses to achieve that soft romantic vibe. So for all those early to mid summer brides peonies are in full swing blooming in gardens, gathered in bouquets and lush pops of ethereal romantic blooms finding their way to many many wedding bouquets.

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