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Spring into Spring!

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

The weather is starting to turn, and when I say turn, I mean for the better and warmer~yay! Spring is right around the corner. Time to start planting seedlings for the garden (indoors of course in this state of Michigan). So with the warmer weather comes a plethora of spring flowers. Tulips come to mind. There are a lot of fun facts surrounding Tulips. Did you know, that Tulips continue to grow an inch after cutting and will grow towards the light. The Netherlands is the largest commercial grower of tulips with over 3 billion exported each year. Tulips were sought after and in high demand around the 1600's they were also considered one of the most expensive during that time frame. Thank goodness they are reasonably priced today. We have beautiful vased tulips with greens at Afloral, the perfect centerpiece as you change over from the wintry blues of winter to the light airy pastels and lighter shades of Spring!

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